More than legendary outdoor power equipment, STIHL is also proud to showcase a talented team of professional landscapers, arborists, sportsmen, and more.

Sara Bendrick

Sara Bendrick’s passion for improving spaces through landscape design makes her a great addition to Team STIHL and an expert source of information and tips for STIHL customers and homeowners.

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Jeff Cartwright

As a professional landscaper and small business owner, Jeff Cartwright has nearly 20 years of experience providing exceptional personal service, high-quality work product and extensive horticultural expertise through Cartwright Landscaping.

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Mark Chisholm

Mark Chisholm is a third-generation, ISA-certified arborist with his family-owned Aspen Tree Expert Company. As a sought-after consultant and industry spokesperson for the world of arboriculture, he regularly conducts educational sessions on behalf of STIHL Inc.

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Tom Dropik

Tom Dropik has been part of Team STIHL since 2004. As the founder of SportMutt, Inc. and an avid dock jumping athlete, Tom participates in events such as the Big Air and Launch competitions and is known to be one of the best dock jumping trainers in the country.

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Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas, professional bass angler and television series host, has teamed with STIHL to produce a show all about America’s love affair with fishing, "STIHL’s Reel in the Outdoors."

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Team STIHL Air Racing

Team STIHL Air Racing — where racing and engineering meet, fueled by the dreams and passions of kids young and old.

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