Battery power. Made by STIHL.

When it comes to battery-powered equipment, STIHL is at the forefront of the revolution. STIHL battery products push battery technology to new heights of performance and dependability. We engineer our battery equipment with pride.

Advanced Battery Technology

STIHL batteries deliver all the power you need to get the job done while optimizing run time. Our batteries hit the sweet spot of performance and longevity. They’re also engineered by STIHL to include a host of advanced features – like LED charge lights to show you how much battery life you have left.

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Built on Innovation. Built to Last.

For decades, STIHL has been an industry pioneer, introducing many patented technologies. The STIHL battery products draw from this history of innovation, bringing our best ideas into a new platform of battery-powered tools. These new tools are lightweight, start instantly and are easy to operate and maintain.

Diverse Range of Products

STIHL battery products are available in four tiers of performance, the AI Integrated Battery Line, AK Homeowner System, AP Homeowner System, and AS Battery Hand Tool System of products. Whether you use your STIHL every day for your job, or just on the weekends for your home, STIHL battery products strike the perfect balance. This diverse selection of tools means you can accomplish more tasks using a single rechargeable battery – that, in turn, saves you more space in the garage and more fuel and maintenance costs.


The innovative AS Battery Hand Tool System combines capability, convenience and comfort. Perfect for precision gardening and landscaping tasks, these tools are designed to be versatile, compact, lightweight, and easy to use.


For smaller projects, choose the easy, all-in-one convenience of the STIHL AI Integrated Battery Line. AI products feature an integrated battery that plugs right into the wall. This series is ideally suited for quick tasks around smaller yards and condominiums.

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Exceptional power meets exceptional value. The AK Homeowner Battery System has everything you need to get working. This series is ideally suited for frequent use around suburban yards.



AP Professional Battery System delivers professional-grade power and is great for extensive use on a wide range of properties. Choose from extended-reach hedge trimmers, pole pruners, lawn mowers, a cut-off machine, and more.

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Professional-Grade Power

Landscaping professionals benefit especially from using STIHL battery products. The AP Professional System delivers the performance and run time pros come to expect from STIHL, requiring no fuel or engine maintenance. They produce zero exhaust emissions and low noise – qualities you can promote to environmentally conscious customers. And when paired with a professional backpack battery from STIHL, getting through a large portion of the work day on a single charge is now a reality.

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