Backyard Projects

It’s amazing what a little cleanup and creativity can do to help beautify your outdoor space. Make your backyard a haven for friendly BBQs and family fun with these inviting and entertaining ideas.

STIHL Digital Catalog

Our digital catalog returns with plenty of tools and backyard projects.

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Composting Tips

Learn how to make compost for use on lawns and gardens.

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Cleaning Gutters

Be prepared for your semi-annual gutter cleaning extravaganza with these useful tips and tricks to get you out of the gutter and enjoying the changing seasons.

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Vertical Garden Wall

Pocket vertical garden bags are one of my favorite methods for a green wall because it is simple and effective. Enjoy this beautiful backdrop for years to come, and add and remove plants as needed to keep it looking fresh.

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Fire Pit Tips

Looking to liven up your outdoor space? A fire pit not only adds character to your landscape, but it also creates an inviting environment that is perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing with the family.

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Fence Bench

Adding seating to any yard is always a bonus, but tying it into an existing feature makes it that much more interesting and a better use of space. Learn how to make your own fence bench.

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Movie Night

When the sun goes down and the weather is right, why not get a little more from your outdoor space? Taking movie night outside is a creative way to enjoy an evening with family and friends while also taking in the fresh air. With a few tips and tools from STIHL, we can help you make it happen.

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How to Build a Tree House

Building a tree house in your backyard is a great way to add character to your outdoor space while also creating a feature the whole family will love. Watch this video to discover the possibility of having a tree house in your backyard.

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