Battery Articles

Wanting to learn more about the clean, quiet and efficient technology behind our battery-powered equipment? Explore these articles to learn more about the innovation and dedication that defines Battery Power. Made by STIHL.

The Road to Green is Orange

STIHL is dedicated to developing products that are environmentally responsible and we are proud that our product lines feature some of the best available technologies and some of the cleanest running outdoor power equipment available today.

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This Is How the Future Starts

Times have changed – and so have batteries. They’re not just AAs anymore. They’re bringing their A Game, powering smartphones, laptops and even entire cars.

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Battery Transportation Safety

STIHL batteries should always be handled with the utmost care to ensure your safety and proper operation of your tools. There are several ways you can help protect your batteries from degradation due to the elements and protect them from damage during transportation.

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AP Professional System Battery Products

This professional-level series delivers high performance to achieve a successful day’s work while requiring no fuel or engine maintenance. Choose from chainsaws, blowers, extended-reach hedge trimmers, pole pruners, trimmers, mowers and more.

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AK Homeowner System Battery Products

Exceptional power meets exceptional value in this homeowner-level battery series. With everything you need to get working including chainsaws, blowers, trimmers and more, this series is ideally suited for frequent use around suburban yards.

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AI Integrated Battery Line Products

Easy, all-in-one convenience comes with the STIHL AI Integrated Battery Line. This ideal lineup for smaller yards features integrated battery tools that plug right into the wall.

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Battery Products

STIHL is proud to offer you the benefits of battery, including zero exhaust emissions, no fuel cost, low maintenance and lightweight, quiet operation.

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Battery Life

Even after 500 charges, STIHL batteries retain over 80% capacity. And because the batteries are Lithium-Ion, they are designed to operate at full speed until depleted – no gradual drop in power during use. Find runtime specifics for your battery tools now.

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top rated battery products

Check out which STIHL battery products earned the most praise from our users and read in-depth reviews of our battery-powered lineup, including blowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, mowers, hand and pole pruners, trimmers and more.

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