With the manufacture of powerful handheld outdoor power equipment comes a great deal of responsibility to help keep our customers safe. Always use the appropriate protective apparel and proper operating techniques as identified in your product instruction manual. Find helpful tips below.

Chaps Guide

The STIHL Chaps Guide will help you choose the ideal pair of chaps for your intended use – the correct fit, which to wear based on the weather, as well as proper care. These durable, high-quality STIHL chaps are manufactured right here in America and will help keep you protected while you’re hard at work.

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Leaf Blower Safety Tips

Ensure courteous and safe leaf blower operation every day.

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Pressure Washer Safety Tips

Get the best performance from your STIHL pressure washer by always making sure you’re cleaning with the highest level of safety. Follow these tips to help avoid hazards and get things clean faster and easier.

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Yard Safety Tips

Before you begin trimming, pruning and mowing your own corner of paradise, it’s important to consider the safety precautions that can help you prevent injury to yourself or others. Follow these top tips to avoid potential hazards while making your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

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