Just as important as maintaining your power equipment during peak season, preparing your equipment for long-term storage is equally so. Find simple solutions below to ensure you’re ready to get back to work after your equipment comes out of hibernation.

Outdoor Power Tool Extended Storage Tips

If you plan to “mothball” a 2-cycle tool for a long period – say 30 days or more – a few easy steps will help your equipment be ready for action when you are ready to go back to work.

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Preparing for Proper Chainsaw Storage

After completing your jobs for the day, it’s time to store your chainsaw. Follow these simple steps to ensure your saw is ready for action whenever you need it again.

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How to Winterize and Store A Pressure Washer

Winterizing your pressure washer is necessary to prevent water from freezing in the pump, as frozen water could permanently damage it. If your pressure washer is to be stored for two months or more, some precautions need to be taken.

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