Tree Care by STIHL

From tree felling, composting and storm tips to hiring a tree service, STIHL professionals have you covered on your tree maintenance. Learn some basic tree care information from STIHL and learn how to make sure your trees are healthy.

Tips for Tree Care and Storms

With the onset of winter, thoughts shift to some of the challenges of winter chainsaw operation. With a little extra care, your chainsaw can offer peak performance even in the face of extreme cold temperatures.

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Learn About the Top 10 Myths of Tree Care

Most homeowners treasure the trees on their property but know little about how to care for them. Read about the top 10 myths of tree care.

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How to Limb and Buck a Tree

Once the tree is down, you’ll need to cut it into sections. As you limb and buck the tree, its weight will change. See cutting techniques and learn about the hazards you may encounter during a limbing and bucking job.

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Top 10 Questions to ask a Tree Care Service

Certified Arborist Mark Chisholm shares 10 useful tips for hiring a tree care professional. See how you can get your money's worth, while ensuring your professional is properly trained to care for your property.

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Tree Care Tips for Old Trees

A large shade tree is a treasure to be valued and preserved. Mature trees can cut utility bills substantially by shading the house and blocking wind. The trees in our yards are our children’s playground and the touchstones of our family memories. All that, and they’re beautiful too.

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Felling a Tree

Before tackling the daunting task of felling a tree, make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions to maximize your safety and following the best practices to effectively bring down a tree. With advice from our STIHL experts as well as professional arborist and Team STIHL member Mark Chisholm, we show you the proper procedure for felling a tree.

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How to Select Trees for Firewood

Gathering firewood isn't as simple as just picking a tree, bringing it down and cutting it up. The wrong tree can yield firewood not fit for burning. Our guide will help you select the right trees to keep your fire going.

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