Gardening Tools

Quality and precision in the palm of your hand

Learn More About STIHL Gardening Tools

STIHL Precision Series? hand tools don’t run on gasoline, electricity or wishful thinking. They’re hand-powered. Your hands. That’s why our hand tools have the features professional and discriminating homeowners demand the most. Our tools are sized to the user’s hands and have features like comfort grips and ergonomic handles; carbon steel blades that can be re-sharpened and replaced; lightweight materials that increase portability without sacrificing durability. We make sure every single component has a purpose, so your hard work works harder.

Whether you use your hands for delicate hedge sculpting or heavy-duty log splitting, STIHL offers a selection of quality hand tools for your unique task. You’ll trim with confidence with our STIHL Precision Series? hand tools, including pruning saws, hand pruners, loppers, hedge shears and STIHL precision axes. Best of all, STIHL Precision Series? hand tools feature a limited lifetime warranty. So let us show you how we’re putting the hand back in handiwork.

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