Protective & Work Wear

A complete line of vests, chaps, gloves, protective eyewear and more

Learn More About STIHL Protective Apparel

STIHL offers a full line of protective apparel and work wear that works as hard as you do. From dense forests to urban sprawl, our apparel is designed to help keep you safe and stand up to tough working conditions.

STIHL work wear is also comfortable to wear and specially designed for your unique outdoor tasks. We offer chainsaw protective clothing, helmet systems, boots, gloves, eyewear – most everything a professional or homeowner needs to help protect you from head to toe.

And because it’s STIHL, you know you’re getting more than a logo. You’re getting quality materials and the features your job requires. Whether it’s UL?-compliant protective pants with layers of cut-retardant Engtex? material, OSHA-compliant forestry boots or ANSI-compliant vests and hearing protection, our gear is rugged and durable and ready for a long day’s work.

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